Brake Service in Elgin IL

Your brakes in Elgin IL are one of the most crucial parts of your vehicle, and you’ll want them to be in top shape all the time. There are many issues that can arise with your car’s brakes in Elgin IL including worn-out brake pads, leaking brake fluid, cracked brake hoses, faulty caliper and many other problems. Brake issues should be fixed as soon as you notice them, and never should you attempt to repair your brakes in Elgin IL if you’re not a certified brake repair technician.

The following are the common brake repair services

Brake pad and shoe replacement

You’ll know your brake pads have deteriorated when you hear a high-pitched squeak when braking. Another sign that your brake pads need replacement is deep metallic grinding and growling.  Ignoring the squeaking sounds when you push the brakes is a huge compromise on your safety and may cause further damage to rotors and drums. Generally, brake pads should be replaced after about 50,000 miles. If you have these brake pad problems, consider brake repair in Elgin IL.

Brake hoses

Brake hoses aren’t something most people think about when it comes to brake repair in Elgin IL. However, brake hoses need to be inspected regularly as they play a huge role in the functioning of your entire brake system. A defective brake hose will produce the following warning signs:

  • Visible leakage of brake fluid
  • Cracking or wear
  • Brake warning light
  • Increased stopping distance
  • Spongy brake pedal
  • Brakes not working properly

For the sake of your safety, brake hoses should be replaced at the first warning sign. Have a brake repair shop in Elgin IL check your brake hoses right away if you observe any of the above-mentioned warning signs. 

Anti-lock brake system

The anti-lock brake system prevents skidding, offers greater control of your vehicle, and shortens stopping distance. You’ll know your anti-lock brake system is faulty if you see the following warning signs:

  • Unresponsive brake pedal
  • The ABS light comes on
  • Less stability when driving on wet conditions
  • Increased stopping distance

If you notice any of these signs, consider visiting a brake repair shop in Elgin, IL.

Brake fluid flushes

Brake fluid tends to attract water from the air which could corrode the metal components of brakes in Elgin IL and impair the functioning of the entire braking system. Regular brake fluid flushes will ensure your vehicle is using fresh brake fluid to prevent corrosion and brake failure. Typically, you should have a brake flush every 20000 miles. You can talk to a professional brake repair in Elgin IL if you’re unsure about when to have a brake fluid flush.  

Caliper replacement

A defective brake caliper could cause uneven braking, which is a serious safety compromise especially when driving in wet conditions. Sometimes it could be so bad that it will bring your car to a halt. Signs of a faulty caliper include:

  • Leaking brake fluid
  • Clunking sound
  • Squealing noises when you push the brakes
  • Vehicle pulling on one side
  • Leaking brake fluid

Generally, it’s advisable to have a reputable brake repair shop in Elgin IL inspect your brakes and advise on any components that require repair or replacement.